Human Design ~ the blueprint of the psyche

From Wuji
emerged Taiji,
the Yin and the Yang,
the 64 hexagrams and
the 64 patterns of the psyche.

In the wheel of space,
in the wheel of time,
in the co-ordinates of space-time,
our form is structured,
the pattern of the psyche created .

In existence
in polarities
of Yin and Yang.


In Human Design,
each being
his own individual design
his own focus.

Through the dynamics of
the will of Life and the will of the ego
life is evolving
reflected in Human Design,
in the G-centre and the Heart-centre.

The G-centre,
the ground of being in form,
the location of
eight basic hexagrams,
archetypes of man.

The G-centre,
the Gem of direction and love,
the will of Life.
The Heart-centre,
the will to live.


The Heart-centre
a binary of
heart-ego strength and
stomach-ego power.

Ra Uru Hu

The Heart-centre
with strength and power,
one perspective.
The G-centre,
the other.

The Heart-centre,
"I will".
The G-centre,
the will of Heaven,
"I am".

We have an inner struggle with life
- all the time.
Surrender is to surrender
to the will of life.

Vigdis Garbarek


Thus in the centre of Human Design
we find the basic polarity of
human existence,
the will of Life and
the will of man.

From Wuji
emerged Taiji,
the Yin and the Yang
and one day
Human Design.

Human Design,
a map
of the structure of man;
a guide,
the blueprint of the psyche.